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So here is the final verdict on your preferences in art:

Style: sots-art

A person who appreciates sots-art paintings is bound to remember the taste of soviet full cream ice (“plombir”), and used to read the clandestine literature under the covers. This person demonstrates outstanding critical thinking skills and has a unique, non-conformant view of life. He is capable of being impartial when analyzing events and people, and he does not recourse to generalization as characteristic of most people who judge a phenomenon based on a single manifestation. A person who chooses sots-art is good-humoured, ironic towards self and others, he is not hung up on the past, but appreciates the experiences that life presents him with.

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Must See for you: 

Maitres: Vitaliy Komar, Aleksandr Melamid, Erik Bulatov, Bruskin G.D., Kosolapov A.S., Orlov B.K., Sokov L.P., Turetskiy B.Z. (Russa)

Paintings currently available in online galleries:

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