Your Fine Art Guide – 3 steps to Becoming a Connoisseur


Are you a Picasso person or a Monet person?

Take a test to finally find out your preferences in fine arts!


Myth: It takes years of academic traning to know what’s what in contemporary art.

Truth:  in FIVE MINUTES you will confidently say: “I prefer impressionist cityscapes”, “I am crazy about genre paintings in the style of art nouveau” etc., and you will really know what you are talking about. You will choose your favourites among best contemporary artists, and find a web art gallery offering paintings that will match your personal preferences and boost your image in any conversation, in any home.  And when you do, remember to share the result that will look like that:

How is that even possible?

This guide in a convenient test format allows you to filter down tons of information available on the web and read ONLY WHAT MATTERS TO YOU. Each step of the test excludes the artistic styles that are not appealing to you, and you don’t need to waste your time on understanding loud names and terminology that have nothing to do with what you really like.

It gets even better – art and psychology go hand in hand. Your preferences in art reveal your personality, and the test gives you the chance to learn a little about yourself and other people based on the art styles they prefer.

No big words – it’s easy, it’s fun, it’s exciting… and let’s be honest – talking about art is classy, so boost your image!