Suprematist painting

So, here is the final verdict on your preferences in art:

Style: suprematism

A person who prefers suprematism is straightforward and downright honest. Sincerity and the drive for self-development is something he looks for in people. He is quite neglectful of appearances, and the organization of his routine. He is interested in the activity that brings meaningful and tangible results in the long-term perspective. He is a good planner, he knows how to set the right goals and priorities, a great manager and visionary. He constantly generates new ideas and launches new projects – both at work and his personal life, like compiling a family tree, plan a holiday or refurnishing the apartment. He is lost and miserable having no exciting project to bug everybody about:).


Must See fo you: 

Maitres: Kazimir Malevich (Poland, Ukraine, USSR), Aleksandra Ekster (Russia, France), Lyubov Popova (Russia), Aleksandr Rodchenko (Russia)

Modern artists: Kolkutin A.B., Ter-Oganyan A.S.

Paintings currently available in online galleries:

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