Abstractionism in fine arts

So here is the final verdict on your preferences in art:

Style: abstractionism

Genre: abstract paintings

A person who prefers abstractionist art is a solid personality, quite hard on himself and others. He makes decisions relying solely on logics and reasoning, regardless of emotions – and even common sense. This person is cold-minded, opposes any drama, scandals and other behaviours of more emotional people. He has a thing against social protocols considering them another type of hypocrisy , and he won’t make small talk out of courtesy with people he dislikes. Despite the prevalence of logics and reasoning he may well turn to idealist thinking, religion or esoteric movements, since the financial aspect of life is not the one he chooses to focus on. It is quite hard for him to leave the comfort zone, given that he has something to say regarding any matter under the sun; he generates his own ideas and hypotheses, theories and classifications; has quite an articulate vision of the family, the society, education etc. It’s useless to argue with this person, but the benefits of listening to him are enormous.


Must see for you:

Maitres: V. Kandinskiy (Russia), Tihamer Gyarmathy (Hungary), Lawren Harris (Canada), Wladislaw Strzeminski (Poland), Rudolf Bauer (Germany), Alekos Kontopoulos (Greece), Arthur Dove (USA), Mordecai Ardon (Israel), Lucio Fontana (Italy), Joan Miró i Ferrà (Spain)

Modern artists: Kristin Baker, Edwin Parker “Cy” Twombly, Jr., Ellsworth Kelly (USA), Philippe Lequeux (Belgium), Leri Chanturia (Georgia), Katrin Bremermann (Germany), Vincent Hawkins (Great Britain).

Paintings currently available in online galleries:

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