So here is the final verdict on your preferences in art:

Style: hyperrealism

A person who likes hyperrealist paintings is (surprisingly) a man of firm views and hardened beliefs, with extremely high levels of self-control, discipline and responsibility. It’s quite difficult to approach this person, and impossible to manipulte him. He seems detached, but in fact he studies people and social phenomena with the scrupulousness of an entomologist. His views and values are quite conservative in their modern-day interpretation. Among other styles of fine art he might want to consider surrealism, realism and cubism.


Must See for you:

Maitres: Robert Cottingham, John Salt, Gregory Thielker, Will Cotton, Chuck Close, Eric Christensen (USA), Tom Martin, Raphaella Spence (Great Britain), Bernardo Torrens,  Pedro Campos (Spain), Jacques Bodin, Gilles Paul Esnault (France), Roberto Bernardi, Chiara Albertoni (Italy)

Paintings currently available in online galleries:

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