Futurist Arts. Portraits

So, here is the final verdict on your preferences in art:

Style: futurism

Genre: portrait

A person who prefers futurist portraits can boast of great analytical skills and resolution. Nothing can stop him once he visualizes the goal. Behind the reserved and impassionate exterior, he is disgusted by household problems and routine troubles. He always sees a bigger picture and sets lofty ideas that are often related to changing the world rather than pushing his own fortune. He might make a hard-line politician, a prominent public figure, a writer or a journalist. He does not let many people into his life and there could be an intimacy problem here. The few close people are those who have passed the test of time; they share his ideas or contradict them, but never indifferent to whatever he is doing. These people see through his cold appearance and reticence and know how much he takes to heart all the social conflicts and injustices, how much he needs to find his way around and to contribute to the community life. This person belongs to those who do not follow the crowd – they are followed by the people they inspire.


Must See for you: 

Maitres: Gino Severini (Italy), David Burliuk (Russia, Ukraine).

Modern artists: Today few artists embrace futurism in its original form, yet some basic principles are still followed and explored. You might be interested in the portraits of some modern cubists: Saratov A.I., Pianov V.A. (Russia), Glover Darlington (Ghana), Lysenko V.V. (Ukraine)

Paintings currently available in online galleries: 

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