Art Brut in Fine Arts

So, here is the final verdict on your preferences in art:

Style: art brut and outsider art

A person who chooses art brut paintings is extremely vulnerable, despite the seeming aggressiveness or aloofness. He appreciates beauty in any manifestation, and it makes him yet even more vulnerable to the discrepancy between the world around and his vision of what it’s supposed to be. He strives for excellence in everything he does, and may turn quite intemperate in his judgments. No shades of gray – just black and white, real and unreal, truth or lies, which makes all technicalities and manipulations inherent to public opinion look hypocritical and snobbish. Nevertheless, he produces an image of a person who role models these manipulations, snobbishness and conformity – but that image is rooted in deeply sarcastic attitude to the surrounding world that cannot be changed, and playing by the rules he realizes that this is just a game, and any rule is more than relative.

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Must See for you: 

Famous representatives: Jean Philippe Arthur Dubuffet, Augustin Lesage, Raphael Lonne (France), Friedrich Schröder Sonnenstern (Germany), Adolf Wölfli, Aloïse Corbaz, Louis Soutter (Switzerland), August Walla, Johann Hauser (Austria), Madge Gill (ВБ), Martin Ramirez (Mexico), Alexander Pavlovich Lobanov, Rosa Zharkikh (Russia), Kashinath Chavan (India), Ni Tanjung (Bali)

Paintings currently available in online galleries:

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